Football with helmets, because it's not just about football, it's mostly about gangs and scuffle fights.
Play it here:

I'm the head of this project, working as porduct designer, game designer, and front dev / integrator / animator.
Gangbowl is a side project I run with a team of 6 hard workers who accepted to join me on this game idea.
These were the first screens I've made:
A lot of mistakes were done there.

Well, the Alpha version brought some changes about the Gangbowl UI:
These are advanced wireframes.
And then I turned them in mock-ups.
To understand pricisely what Gangbowl is about, I made this little animation.
If you like team building, this game is perfect for your team at noon or during breaks. Short, intense, and definitly fun to play.
A lot has changed since this video. Now the game can be played directly at
and a new version is coming, see a little prototype, here:

Copy this link to the navbar in case of problem:

Some recent screens:

Thank you!
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